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Fire Safety Training $1,100+gst

Duration - 3 hour Course
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We deliver Fire Safety training for groups across Australia at your workplace.

Our standard Fire Safety program ($1,100+GST) includes the Fire Warden & Evacuation Presentation, plus the practical component of First Attack Fire Fighting (use of a fire extinguisher and fire blanket). This quote will cover the first 20 staff, if you have additional staff, there may be additional charges, depending on the program you require.

If your workplace requires a Fire Safety program which is more customised, please see the additional topics we can facilitate the training for on the tab "more info". For example, if you want to actually simulate a fire evacuation drill of your workplace, we can customise the program to include this.

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Fire Safety Course Details

This is a 3 hour face to face course.

Our Fire and Safety specialists know the impact an actual emergency incident within a workplace can have on individuals, their families and businesses. As a result, there is a need to reduce and minimise the risks to life and property through effective and specific training. Our aim is to implement and train an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) to be competent and confident of controlling a broad range of threats and emergency situations that may arise within the workplace.

Our specialists ensure you are fulfilling your minimum legal obligations in relation to the Work Health Safety Act 2011, and AS 3745-2010 Emergency Control Organisation and Procedures for buildings, structures and work places.

Students must be 14 years old on the day of course completion. Students to provide a pen and note pad and wear comfortable clothing. If an invoice is required please contact Training Aid Australia’s head office.

Full course details are available on the course description PDF.

Who needs Fire Safety Training?

All building owners, Property Managers and employers have an ethical and legal obligation to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all occupants and employees whilst at a place of work, at which the employers undertaking is conducted. Arrangements must be made for the safe and rapid evacuation of occupants and employees from the place of work in the event of an emergency.

Core Fire Safety and Training Topics

Chief Warden Training

The Chief Warden is the overall coordinator in the event of an emergency incident. This training is designed to provide the participants with the skill, knowledge and experience to perform the duties of a Chief Warden. These skills include the investigation of an alarm or report of an emergency, the coordination of an evacuation when required, and practical instruction in the use of the installed Emergency Warning Systems.

EWIS and EWS Training

Installed occupant warning systems are an invaluable tool and safety system in the event of an evacuation being required. All designated Chief Wardens must have a thorough understanding of the use and practical applications of these systems. Our trainers and consultants can provide practical instruction and demonstration in the use of the EWIS and EWS panels and their functions, how to best utilise these panels to effectively manage and coordinate an emergency response.

Warden Training

Wardens make up the largest portion of the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) within a building. These are the individuals that are responsible for the safety of the occupants on their individual floors and/or within their individual areas. This training prepares Wardens to handle a wide range of potential emergency situations. The training focuses on the correct actions to be taken to ensure a safe and efficient response to an emergency, until stood down by the Chief Warden or the attending emergency services.

Role Plays

Hypothetical scenarios are developed and put to the members of the ECO. The participants are then required to role play through the given emergency situation to achieve a satisfactory outcome. These scenarios can be geared towards any number of potential threat or emergency situations. They reinforce knowledge gained by the ECO and enable the ECO members to gain confidence in their roles.

Evacuation Exercises

The size and configuration of the premises, together with the type of occupancy, will determine the time interval between practice evacuations. Practice evacuations may be conducted either as a partial or total evacuation of a building, structure or workplace. In accordance with AS 3745-2010, all areas of a building, structure or workplace shall participate in at least one exercise in each 12 month period.

All occupants of the floor/s or area/s involved in an evacuation exercise shall take part, unless the EPC grants an exemption prior to conducting the exercise.

All evacuation exercises are to be attended by an observer with a checklist. Our trainers and consultants will coordinate the planning and execution of these exercises, to evaluate the effectiveness of the procedures in place and the competency and skills of the ECO.

Briefing and Debriefing

Prior to the commencement of an exercise all members of the ECO are briefed on what to expect and what is expected of them concerning the exercise. On completion of an exercise, all ECO members are debriefed to identify any positive or negative facets of the ECO or the procedures for the building.

During the debriefing session the trainer/consultants check list is analysed, and any deficiencies are to be reported to the EPC so that the appropriate amendments can be made to the procedures or the ECO.

Retail Visitations

Sites that have Retail stores attached can have a Retail Visitation included in their training programme to take place biannually. Retailers are visited by one of our trainers/consultants, where procedures to follow in the event of an emergency are explained to them. Retailers can also be provided with a laminated version of their procedures for display within their premises on request.

Fire Safety Course Training

  • The use of portable fire fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, fire hose reels & fire blankets)
  • Utilising SMEAC
  • Sydney alert procedures
  • Evacuation procedures for stadiums
  • Elderly & health care facility emergency procedures
  • Mail handling & white powder incidents
  • Electrical supply failure
  • Bush fire awareness
  • Guidelines for driving in a bush fire
  • Child locked in a vehicle
  • VESDA system awareness
  • Freeze, fight or flight response
  • Bomb threat procedures
  • Understanding fire & smoke behaviour
  • Hazardous material incidents
  • General staff procedure awareness
  • Child care facility emergency procedures
  • Hotel emergency procedures
  • Tsunami procedures
  • Lift entrapment
  • Flood control & protection
  • Cyclone & severe weather/storms
  • Earthquake
  • Civil disorder & illegal occupancy
  • Violent demonstration &/or public brawling
  • Armed hold up
  • Assault
  • Person attempting self harm
  • Deceased person & suicide
  • Medical emergency
  • Handling of syringes

Enrol Group in Fire Safety Training

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