RIIMPO338D Dump Truck Training + Generic Mining Induction + 4WD- Ipswich Queensland

dump truck haul training generic mining induction ipswich queensland

Conduct Rigid Haul (Dump) Truck Operations, Mining Induction and 4WD Training $3,990

Duration - 5 Day Course
Public Course Location - Ipswich, Queensland

This qualification is an accredited course and Nationally Recognised Training from the Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package (2009 version 1).

This qualification is delivered under a partnership agreement with Industry Pathways (NPN:32513).

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Dump Truck + Mining Induction + 4WD Course Details

This is a 5 day face-to-face course, the first day commencing at 8.30am at our training centre. Each training day's activities vary so the duration of the days and the program will be communicated to you by the trainers on arrival. There will be night time driving competencies so you will need to be available for evening training.

This Dump Truck, Mining Induction & 4WD course is structured so participants learn theoretical knowledge and gain practical experience operating a Caterpillar 773, 100 tonne, dump truck, in a replicated mining environment that follows the same policies and procedures found at many mines so students gain a solid foundation that leads to employment.

In addition to the Dump Truck course, you will gain the the Mining Induction & 4WD competencies at the same time. This is a unique package and training opportunity offered at a great rate.

Full assessment details are available on the course description PDF.

Dump Truck + Mining Induction + 4WD Course Requirements

Eligible candidates must be 18 years or over and hold a current car driver's licence.

This Dump Truck, Mining Induction & 4WD course requires you to bring a water bottle, hi-vis shirt with tape, steel cap boots (minimum 170mm high), hard hat, riggers gloves, long pants (either jeans or work pants).

Also, for the Mining Induction course, you’re required to bring photo ID and a laptop so we can put information and notes on a disc (48 hours notice is required if you do not have a laptop).

Who needs Dump Truck + Mining Induction Training?

This Dump Truck, Mining Induction & 4WD course is aimed at individuals requiring mining induction and dump truck qualifications for working on a mine site.

Job roles associated with this qualification include:
  • Haul Truck Driver
  • Coal mine worker (from Mining Induction course)

Dump Truck + Mining Induction + 4WD Course Training

Dump Truck Training Units

  • RIIMPO338D Conduct Rigid Haul Truck Operations
  • Prepare and Plan for Operations
  • Conduct Machine Pre-Operational Checks
  • Operate Haul Truck
  • Load, Haul, Dump Materials
  • Carry out Post Operational Procedures

Mining Induction Training Units

  • RIICOM201DCommunicate In the Workplace
  • RIIGOV201D Comply With Site Work Processes and Procedures
  • RIIOHS201D Work Safely and Follow WHS Policies and Procedures*
  • RIIERR205D Apply Initial Response First Aid
  • RIIERR302D Respond To Local Emergencies and Incidents
  • RIIRIS201D Conduct Local Risk Control

*As per the Mining Inspectorate, this unit requires sign off on a mine site or simulated mine site.

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Dump Truck + Mining Induction + 4WD Assessments

All participants are required to competently complete the day and night practical and theory assessments.

Full Course Details

For the full details about this course, please download the course description PDF document.

Dump Truck + Mining Induction* + 4WD Course Outcomes

On successful completion of this Dump Truck & Mining Induction course students will receive

  • Statement of Attainment certificate in Conduct Haul (Dump) Truck Operations
  • Statement of Attainment Certificate of Mining Induction and colour Photo ID Mining Induction card
  • As well as gaining the Surface Mining Induction Card, students will have also successfully gained partial completion of a nationally recognised Certificate II in Surface Mining Extraction Units**

(Please note: For Mining Induction students, you will need to attend a one-day refresher program at a minimum of every 5 years, however most mine sites require this to be done more frequently).

*Mining Induction meets the requirements of QLD Standard 11 Training 

**Workplace Assessment - For students who are not actively employed in the industry at the time the training course was completed, you will have to engage in mining employment to complete the workplace activities before you can officially complete and finish the course. Students receive a Statement of Completion after the course completion and once the workplace assessment is handed in a Statement of Attainment is issued!

Mining Medicals

Prior to working on a coal mine, a worker must undergo a medical examination in accordance with the Coal Mine Workers' Health Scheme. The examination includes an assessment of the worker's ability to perform the job.

This medical examination must be performed by a Nominated Medical Adviser (NMA), a doctor nominated by a mine operator to conduct health assessments. A coal mine workers health assessment is valid for up to 5 years.

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Queensland Training Centre Location

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